Hispanic Food

Mama Foods Beans
Mama Foods Dominican Marmelade
Mama Foods Coconut Cream
Mama Foods Coconut Milk
Mama Foods Pina Colada
Mama Foods Dominican Dulces


Yuli Snacks Potato Chips
Yuli Snacks Green Plantain Chips
Yuli Snacks Sweet Plantain Chips
Yuli Snacks Cassava Chips
Oliva Snacks Potato Chips

Vegan Food

Vegan Life Pancakes
Vegan Life Cookies
Vegan Life Smart Cake



Biodegradable Plastics

Food Containers
Meat Trays
Forks, Knife and spoon

Inversiones EDURU SRL is a company founded in 2022 and headquartered in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic with offices in Jacksonville, Florida, United States (thru our sister company ENERSUN LLC) dedicated to the import, distribution, comercializ ation and export of personal consumer products (from agricultural to proc essed foods), plastics, energy products (solar panels, solar inverter, etc) and more in the caribbean zone and the United States.

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